Big picture look more beautiful, thanks to steam Beta Update

“In the Light, we gather to empower our brother. In its grace, he will be made anew. In its power, he shall educate the masses. In its strength, he shall combat the shadow. And in its wisdom, he shall lead his brethren to the eternal rewards of paradise.”

Play games on TV, steam large screen mode is useful, but it does not waste half the screen space, so you huge buttons, by clicking on the terrible giant rotating menu, if you want to do nothing more than play the latest games Button Rear. Thankfully, this is about to change, in fact, it changes the Steam client update beta version, courtesy. Different tabs, now easier to navigate, more current information and submenus glance.
Description of the update is here, you can learn how to register here Steam client beta. I would say, if you use the big picture is very worth it, but be aware that you will no longer be able to view the steam Mad Max movie. Valve, but we hope to have this strange error fixed “tomorrow.”

Bizarre world: Abe’s Oddysee is free steam, now

World of WarCraft: Arthas: Rise of the Lich King Arthas had never been to Stormwind before, and he was impressed by the combination of serenity and power the cathedral radiated. Slowly, he moved up the carpeted carved stairs, grateful for the sudden coolness of the building’s stone interior. The fragrance of the incense was calming and familiar; it was the same as that which his family burned in their small chapel.

Continue to give for no apparent reason, and without any additional conditions away games habits, bizarre world: Abe’s Oddysee is free of steam today. Not in the limited time, not when you buy something else …… This is free of charge.
You need to hurry, but because the offer ends at 10:00 on September 24 PT (which is tomorrow morning in Australia), but once you install it, it is yours forever. Bizarre new world ‘N Delicious have a 50% discount as well, so if you like ugly but very cute green alien, then you should be happy.
Bizarre world: Abe’s Oddysee originally in 1997 the new “N Delicious is a remake of the original, with new 3D graphics fancy it follows Amnesia: The Dark Descent week freebies (presumably to facilitate search Ma), so pay attention: It is possible next week another free game.

FORMER SWTOR DEVS and NEXON team to produce a new game

As she leapt from the alcove and began flying up toward the entrance of the Great Archive, her thoughts turned to Iskar. She’d been so obsessed with this mystery that she hadn’t sought him out.

Nexon dipping their fingers in many pies lately. We already know that it’s publishing boss key production of “offenders, and now word comes from another game veteran started his own studio and helped get down from the Nexon publishing company.

Dallas Dickinson, former director of the production of Star Wars: The Old Republic, has his own studio, now, the so-called quality control of the game, it’s working on a yet-unnamed “massively multiplayer online action game” for PC and consoles. This fully vague and may contain any number of genres, but based on the development trend of the game is how the recent, the smart money would be on stage MOBA or TF2 style fighter.

In addition to Dickinson, QC games will fight several other video game veterans services, many of which are from Electronic Arts / BioWare family. You can keep up on things the company, through its shiny new website.

WildStar details LOOT and RUNECRAFTING change CB2 STARTS

Viryx stuffed the scrolls and tomes in a small basket hanging outside the lip of the reading alcove. The kaliri would come later to put the writings back in their correct places.

Free play of β wilderness planet continue to the second stage, studio carbine tomorrow afternoon to take the day today for the first review of data from a closed beta stage, and add new items into the game free play version. As part of these changes coming, is a Runecrafting overhaul, will (mostly) in the PTR soon.

Previously, Runecrafting is a very complicated and cumbersome system, especially for new players trying to learn the system. At its core, Runecrafting is a way to increase the specific statistical data on your wilderness planet gears to further customize your specific characters. Most MMORPG players get “gemming” in most games the idea of ​​your equipment, but in the creation and execution of the planet’s wilderness left a little to be desired. In the release of free play, wilderness planet runecrafting has been simplified to cope with the new changes in the statistical battle, and with the bonus trigger certain elements of a list, such as fire runes will focus on the damage bonus (such as crit ). This means that players will know what the statistical data available to them from the preset list by simply knowing what Rune slot type, they have to provide certain pieces of teeth.

Fusion, which in the past was an additional element types, is now being regarded as “universal” element. Fusion Rune Rune can accept any type in any Rune Fusion Rune slots and slots. “Cheap” (PROC ability, some special equipment available) has become now runes allow you to keep your love even upgrade your equipment specially PROC. Artifact equipment retains its own characteristics, although it can not be transferred to other devices. Rune, the number you will be processed has also been reduced. Full details see, and see if you can when you log on to a free version of an existing role expectations.

Destiny on Weed: Spacing Out on Bungie’s Next-Gen MMO Shooter

Millions of gamers flocked to their local gaming store last night to line up for the midnight release of Destiny, the vast, ambitious, $500 million, 10 year-long, MMO shooter produced by Halo developer Bungie.

I myself queued up to procure a copy, but not before picking up some special herbs to guarantee an appropriate space odyssey for the evening; a little bit of classic OG Kush to keep me properly locked onto the couch, while pairing it with some Sour Diesel for the ultimate head buzz.

These days gamers will get stoned to any game by default, but Destiny delivers a truly a heady experience. Gamers are treated to a mythic science fiction post-apocalyptic universe, traveling from Old Earth to the moon and several more planets to restore civilization to greatness. In the first mission, the player blasts his way through a horde of feisty aliens while trying to salvage a space ship. My head rush from the Sour Diesel escalated after every sound of “Pew! Pew!”

Whereas most first-person shooters are quite sobering in their ultra-realistic firefights and bleak, war-torn battlefields, Destiny treats its players to lush, eye-popping locales that accommodate highly addictive laser blaster skirmishes with aliens. Nothing in Destiny will kill your high (i.e. Call of Duty‘s airport massacre), only enhance it.

Destiny especially pops on next-generation consoles PlayStation 4 and XBox One, as video game technology has finally caught up with high-definition technology. The games runs at a smooth 60 fps in full 1080p resolution on the PS4 console. Every little nuance is punctuated, from blades of grass on a hill flowing in the breeze, to dust kicking up in the sunlight. Simply put, Destiny is gorgeous.

As good as this game is, Bungie says it won’t reach its ultimate potential without its most crucial component: the living, social world. The game is best experienced when inhabited by a multitude of gamers, as all players in a session can work together during random public events. The game’s online community is built more on helping one another rather than killing them, effectively putting the kibosh on griefers who just want to ruin the gaming experience for others.

The game’s heavy reliance of multiplayer activity would certainly spell doom for most games on its launch. That certainly isn’t the case with Destiny, as I enjoyed hours of playing story missions with friends without experiencing any drops or sluggish load screens.

The only shortcoming I’ve found in the game so far is its storytelling. The action sporadically takes breaks as your personal assistant, or Ghost (voiced by Game of Thrones‘ Peter Dinklage), explains developments in your mission progress. While Dinklage’s familiar voice is a nice added touch, these breaks seem to just interrupt gameplay instead of revealing something important. I can only say this for the first few missions however. It wouldn’t surprise me if it becomes increasingly more compelling.

Smoke something, get your mind right and play some Destiny, available now on all current and next generation PlayStation and XBox systems.

QuakeCon 2015 Summary: Fallout 4, TESO and Doom

Quakecon is a gaming and software conference held by Zenimax Media yearly in Dallas, Texas. This is an event where gamers get to join competitive game tournaments with their own computers (bring-your-own-computer event). This year, the available games are Fallout 4, Doom, and The Elder Scrolls Online. Here are what we have known from the event.

Developer Bethesda showed off a new demo for Fallout 4 today at its Quakecon conference, and it explained a bunch of new features coming to the game.

Dogmeat Really Exists
Your canine companion, Dog Meat, is physically based on the game’s lead designer’s dog, River. To make Dog Meat the best possible representation of a dog, the studio has filmed River doing many different things. When you leave the Vault early in the game, you are sure to find Dogmeat. While doing something else, you can also send Dogmet into buildings to explore for loot.

There are a dozen possible companions in the game, including Mr. Handy (the robot assistant), Piper, Dog Meat, and Garvey. Leading the Commonwealth Minutemen faction is Preston Garvey, one of the characters you will meet in the game. He was recently added to the mobile game Fallout Shelter. This faction is based in Concord, Massachusetts, and players can join them. Piper, another possible companion, wears a red leather coat and a newsboy hat. Diamond City, a settlement in the ruins of Fenway Park, is where Piper roams about nearby. Charismatic in nature, she can lie really well to get her way. Regardless of gender, players can romance any of the human companions. You also have the choice of playing without a companion at all.

Name Your Character
In order to give the game that extra-immersive personal touch, Mr. Handy, the game’s plummy-voiced robot companion, has been programmed by Bethesda to be able to say 1,000 of the most well-loved names players might baptize upon their characters. Voiced by Stephen Russel, Mr. Handy can actually say your name – be it something standard such as Peter Paul Williams, or something more silly such as Mr. F**kface.

Leveling Systems and Perks
The leveling system has gone a complete overhaul. Tied to the various ability stats in your character’s S.P.E.C.I.A.L. (strength, perception, endurance, intelligence, agility, luck) ratings, perks, which can be unlocked at level-up, as usual, are customized via a brilliant, animated Vault-Tec poster in-game. In order to unlock greater abilities, these 70 base perks, with each having a series of XP rankings of its own, can be leveled up alongside its respective S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat. Taking into account all graded perks, there are a total of 275 all in all.

Faction War?
It looks like factions can actually fight with each other. According to a description from IGN, the player’s character watched ghouls attacking raiders, and the player has been choices whether to stand back and let it happen, or interfere and aid one side. Also, it was also noted that, at some point, the Brotherhood of Steel come out and joins the player in a battle against raiders.

More Reality
Lexington, a new town area, was shown in an extended gameplay demo later on in the Quakecon presentation. It quickly became clear just how extremely upgraded Fallout 4’s world is from that of its forerunners, judging on thelengthy new stretch of the game on show.

Brutal Combat
Fallout 4 does look effective as an action game, leading on from that last point. What really pushes things to the next level is the stuff around the core combat mechanics – the presentation and feedback of combat, and the bigger situational picture – although it already looks immensely improved over all. Hand-cranked laser muskets, as in clunky retro sci-fi shotgun, were seen hitting with pleasing impact,and leaving the scorched Ghoul flesh billowing with smoke. Bats were seen making crucial hits by shattering knees and execute skull-cracking set up. That’s just the start. The demo ends with the Sole Survivor dashing between cover points in an open street, avoiding and retaliating against rooftop snipers, just as the Brotherhood of Steel gunship shows up. The aircraft starts showering the road around him with cluster bombs, forcing a frenzied, improvised fight on two fronts, until the Ghouls above send it whirling down into a building nearby. What can be better than Fallout with set-pieces, and authentic, optical display.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter to Android OS
On August 13, Fallout Shelter will be coming to Google Play for Android devices, which are arguably more friendly, more open platforms for the PC gamers. Also, new features will accompany the game’s launch, such as Deathclaw, Mole Rat invasions, and a premium reward in the form of the ever-helpful robot, Mr. Handy. On the same day, this game update will arrive on IOS.

August 31 is the day when the first part of upcoming batch of Elder Scrolls Online:Tamriel Unlimited DLC will arrive. Beginning next week, the DLC will also be available on the ESO public test server. This weekend, it was announced at QuakeCon that the Imperial City DLC will be the first of a series of quarterly DLC releases coming to ESO in the future. Orsinium will be the next release, followed by the Thieves’ Guild and finally a Dark Brotherhood DLC. Anyone who played Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion would be familiar with the locale in the Imperial City. Although the events of Elder Scrolls Online take place 700 years before those of Oblivion, the city, its architecture, and layout, are instantly familiar. DLC gear, areas, and other details were given and shown off to fans during the panel.

Controller Support
For the PC version of Elder Scroll Online: Tamriel Unlimited, controller support is coming. A host of quality of life improvements includes the announcement for the MMO. Elder Scrolls Online will also be getting subtitles, looking-for-game updates, the ability to play with other Alliance members, and removing veteran ranks, in addition to the controller support. According to Bethesda, they’ll be part of the game at no extra charge once the improvements are ready.

Multi-Player Mode Revealed
This weekend, for the first time at QuakeCon 2015, id Software’s long-in-development reboot of its classic shooter series, Doom will be playable by the public. During the show’s opening presentation, id’s Marty Stratton has announced. Attendees got to see an exclusive gameplay video from Doom at last year’s QuakeCon event. That was well ahead of the game’s proper unveiling during Bethesda’s first press conference at E3 2015.

QuakeCon 2015 Doom

Starting today, QuakeCon 2015 attendees will get a chance to play Doom’s multiplayer modes. A fact that got thunderous applause that proves the audience to be very happy about it.

You might get a chance to play it soon even if you didn’t get a chance to make it to QuakeCon this year. A small chance of getting picked to participate in the Doom multiplayer alpha test is possible for folks who purchased and registered Wolfenstein: The New Order. According to Stratton, Those invites should be sent out “soon.”

World of Warcraft drops down to 7.1 million subscribers

Activision’s latest earnings call has revealed that Blizzard’s mammoth MMO, World of Warcraft, has lost just over 3 million subscribers since last quarter, when their latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor was launched. Nevertheless, Activision “expected” this “consistent” decline, and still remain happy that the game is still the “No. 1 subscription-based MMO in the world.”

The release of Warlords of Draenor had high hopes for the health of the population, which skyrocketed up to over 10 million subscribers. But as it seems with every expansion, the population began to shrink as players fatigue themselves on the expansions content. “As expected and consistent with our experience following prior expansions, we saw a decline in the World of Warcraft subscriber number.” said the statement. “Subscribers ended the quarter at 7.1 million.

“World of Warcraft’s revenue performance at constant FX has been more stable, driven by continued strong uptake on value added services, and price increases in select regions, which partially offset subscriber declines, particularly in the East. World of Warcraft remains the No. 1 subscription-based MMORPG in the world.”

It’s no surprise that 7.1 million subscribers is still nothing to scoff at; World of Warcraft is in no threat of becoming unsuccessful anytime soon. The number is in fact just shy of the game’s population pre-expansion. Maybe Blizzard’s increased output of more regular and quicker expansions may help bolster the numbers once again.

Leeroy Jenkins almost made it into the Warcraft movie

Ask anyone who their favourite Warcraft character is and there’s a typical collection who are likely to crop up. Orgrim Doomhammer is one, and we already know he’s in the Warcraft movie thanks to these great CGI images. But another name is very certainly Leeroy Jenkins. Perhaps not quite as lore friendly as purists demand, but a fan favourite none the less.

It’s no surprise then that he almost made it into the movie.

Showing off a draft of his original screenplay on Twitter, script writer Gary Whitta said that the infamous WoW meme was going to be added to the film as an in-joke scene. Naturally, Jenkins was going to be seen running into battle a little early.

Leeroy Jenkins was actually in my original draft of the Warcraft movie. And yes, he ran into battle too early.

Whitta is no longer scriptwriter for the movie, and the draft has since been re-written many times, with the final script a collaboration between director Duncan Jones and Charles Leavitt. Whitta’s original script set the action in the Thrall-era of Warcraft’s history.


If there is just one observation or rule that, after almost four years of meta blogging, I may declare applies without fail when there are two sides to a passionate debate, it’s the following:

Both sides of the argument want exactly the same. That’s been the case each and every time I’ve experienced engaged and complex discussions on this here blog or elsewhere; two or more people arguing for the same thing but believing in opposite ways of achieving it. Your prime example for this is the ‘grouping and facilitation’ debate where some will argue pro enforced grouping for more community while others believe grouping, in order to be the real thing, needs to happen naturally and dynamically. It’s important to understand that on the most basic level, these players all want the same thing.

Quite an entertaining phenomenon in retrospective, it usually takes a moment to sink in. Once you’ve distanced yourself from a topic, you’ll detect such patterns a lot more clearly even if that won’t bring you any closer to a satisfying solution.

In what has proven to be a universally divisive topic for Wildstar this week and probably for a while to come, I argued that the 12step attunement needs toning down in order to accommodate a wider variety of both casual and hardcore players. While my argument in favor of inclusion wasn’t my only point, it’s as important to me as it is obviously to others. Liore followed-up disagreeing with pretty much most of my logic, explaining why to her the attunement chain adds direction, content and more playstyle variety. Bottom line: we both argued in favor of diversity/freedom, albeit for different target audiences that are sadly all too often mutually exclusive in MMOs.

That brings me to a second, more vexing matter: World of Warcraft’s continued influence on our perception of design dynamics and as a consequence, its impact on our not-so carefree experiences of new games such as Wildstar. Liore makes an explicit WoW reference in her article, in which she equates not having hard attunements with “being just… like… WoW” because well, like me she’s played and seen a lot of WoW. Just like that, I referred to WoW attunements in my own post and ended up responding (guilty..):

Funny enough unlike for you, to me this [read: the current status of the attunement] is all exactly like WoW and not unlike WoW. I raided in vanilla and it was considered hardcore, the way WS raiding seems right now.

And today, in an interesting update over at Tobold’s, the comment section is full of arguments, speculations and assumptions inspired by past experiences in – you guessed it – WoW. All the while, somewhere else an anti-Wildstar brigade is forming within WoW’s disgruntled and bored community as we speak, because apparently Wildstar is appealing to many of that same demography. Shocker.

It’s all WoW. WoW, wow, wow. Whether we’re for something or against it, whether it’s totally cool because different from WoW or dangerously close to being like WoW, WoW is the all-encompassing factor and ultimate perspective. Apparently we cannot free ourselves from the mind print that this MMO has left in our collective memory. If something happened in WoW, well it’s probably gonna happen in Wildstar, right? Wrong!

To close a week of intense feels: it’s clearly all Blizzard’s fault. Happy weekend everybody – to the Nexus as well as Azeroth! Stay classy!


So I started 20man raiding in Wildstar last week and have downed a couple of mini-bosses as well as X-89 in Genetic Archives thus far. It took my guild of jolly freeform raiders several wipenights to get a team of 20 people fully accustomed to the drill, something that players already need to learn during the dungeon attunement: individual performance matters. Even if some veteran 5mans get easier over time for a seasoned group of well-geared folk, many fights require every member in the party to be familiar with fight mechanics. Wildstar combat is a dance more than WoW ever was, unforgivable unless players continuously adapt their playstyles. The X-89 in GA comes with two different “YOU ARE THE BOMB!”-features which means an unsuspecting rookie is likely to ruin it for everyone else.

There is no hiding in Wildstar’s raids – addons are seriously recommended, cooldowns must be juggled and adjusting your tragically limited actionbar for every encounter is a given. Execution demands a high level of focus because the fights are so mobile. From that point of view the learning curve is quite steep, especially for genre newcomers. Considering how 40mans must feel in comparison, which are no less unforgivable, it becomes apparent why raiders have been crying out for Carbine to critically consider their endgame. In their most recent state of the game Nexus Report, they finally address this issue albeit just briefly:

malzek: That “other” MMORPG abandoned the 40-man model 9 years ago due to logistical issues. WildStar’s raids are much more unforgiving, leaving many scratching their head at this design decision. Has any consideration gone into bringing raid content to a more realistic level for the playerbase size?

CM: “All I’m willing to say right now is yes. Yes, there’s been discussion. I’m not going into details at this time…..the devs are listening.

With subscription numbers dwindling and complaints both from the casual and hardcore (see the rest of the Q&A), Carbine cannot afford not to act. New content dumps may appease some non-raiding players but the fact remains that Wildstar endgame is tuned to a difficulty level that not enough people enjoy longterm. For myself, I will say this: I had fun getting to grips with the X-89 mechanics and I didn’t mind wiping as much as we did – but I am also under no illusion that the really hard bosses are yet to come and will test those spirits further. Have raids felt harder than vanilla raiding so far? – No. Do I expect them to get much harder? Oh yes! Woe to all that underestimate this endgame.

The dreaded server merges of both global region’s PVE and PVP realms respectively, have been hinted at going live sometime around mid-October earliest. The names were decided by community poll and it appears I shall soon reside on Jabbit, a name I neither endorse nor understand.

Alas, for me the merges can’t come soon enough. Lightspire’s Dominion side has quickly turned into a graveyard, with probably 60% of its active members hosted by my guild and only one single other, competing guild in terms of raiding. The AH is dreadful, with entire subsections entirely empty or then, most likely offering an item or two by guildies (keeps the money in the family!). The costs for much coveted items such as runes amount to a subscription’s worth of platinum, just to get a basic gear set kitted out. No, I do not like this situation at all. We need a better market, we need comparisons and proper competition. For once, I don’t think a merge can do more harm than good – the fact that I cannot reasonably accumulate fancy hats and robes via the auction house is frankly intolerable.